Today’s guest post is from Aaron Groth, Account Manager at Harqen.  Harqen provides video interview software and services to a number of airlines and other companies.

Don’t Leave Your Career to Chance

I don’t think I’ve ever talked to someone after they’ve interviewed for a job in which their response to, “How did it go?” was “Really well, I was totally comfortable, prepared and loved every response I gave to every question.” That makes complete sense as many individuals don’t spend a lot of time practicing for interviews. Malcolm Gladwell wrote in his book Outliers that it takes 10,000 hours of practice or roughly ten years to become really good at something.

I don’t believe you need to spend 10,000 hours practicing for a job interview, but often times candidates err on the side of under-preparing; which is a mistake. Taking time for a mock interview has huge benefits.

Eliminate Jitters

Most job interviews consist of you going to a strange place, meeting with people you barely know and trying to sell yourself and your ability based on a set of behavioral questions. It can be a very stressful situation. Taking a mock interview allows you to get comfortable by reducing anxiety, nerves and stress, as well as boosting your confidence.

Receive Tangible Feedback

Most people leave an interview either thinking they bombed it or have no clue how they actually did. A recent survey captured the responses of 95,000 job applicants, and the results suggest that all too often candidates don’t receive feedback on their interview:

  • 5% of candidates received feedback they found moderately useful
  • 6% received specific and valuable feedback
  • 9% did not receive any feedback at all

After you complete a mock interview you can be certain it is reviewed to provide you with tangible feedback that will improve your interviewing skills and help you better stand out as a candidate.

Our trained, and experienced team will provide you with actionable feedback (stuff you can do).  We derive this feedback from experience in actually doing interviews, observing interviews and how it compares to others who have take our practice interviews.

Practice Makes Perfect

It’s safe to say there are not very many people who consider themselves to be a great at interviewing. The most efficient way to get better is through mock interviews. You’ll be able to hear common interview questions, get in the mindset of constructing great answers on the fly and practice responses to questions in areas you are less proficient in.

Nobody needs to spend 10,000 hours practicing interviewing for a job; however, there are a lot of benefits gained from completing mock interviews. Not only will you find yourself more relaxed and confident when the time comes to interview, you will be able to draw on your experience and tangible advice to better differentiate yourself from other candidates.

This is your career.  It’s a difficult and stressful situation.  Don’t leave that to chance.  You may not get 10,000 hours of practice in but that doesn’t mean you should leave it to chance.  The airlines have a lot of candidates to choose from, even in today’s environment.  Make sure that you stand out (in a good way) and are memorable.  It’s your career, give yourself the best chance at being where you want to be.  Head over to our shop today and sign up for a practice video interview.


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