In another projection of significant pilot demand for the foreseeable future, Bloomberg published an article today citing a Boeing study that 558,000 pilots will be needed worldwide over the next twenty years to support the $5.6 trillion in airplane orders on the books.  This increases Boeing’s 2014 assessment by 4% with Asia once again leading the pack, Russia being the only region to see a decline.  This exacerbates an already existing shortage of pilots in Asia that will likely be further hampered as more piloting jobs become available in Europe in the US, which has been a source of pilots for Asian carriers.   Hiring remains strong for airlines around the world as candidates for those jobs will need to be identified and supported to fill that demand.




  1. Reply SJ

    I am surprised it has taken this long for the impending pilot shortage to make the news.

  2. Reply Dave

    It has been in the news but is definitely growing. We’ve seen some news from ALPA (who denies a shortage) and most of the airlines. Some of the regionals are having difficulty hiring because of it, parking airplanes and canceling flights. Bloomberg has reported on it . It’s likely to get worse before it gets better. It’s definitely looking up for professional pilots.

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