CPN Military Transition “Non-stop”

The path to becoming an airline pilot is often made more confusing coming from a military background. How much help will I get from the GI bill? How does my experience transfer? On top of all of this, the TDYs, deployments and other responsibilities of today’s soldier make it hard to find time to navigate through all the requirements.

But we’re here to help. We’ve made the transition ourselves and after years of experience in the airline industry we know the way. Let us help you with this package, customized for you, by people like you. We will arrange the ATP and ATP-CTP courses, build your resume, fine tune your interview skills, and provide personalized mentoring throughout your transition to a career as a pilot!

Package includes:

ATP Certification Training Program – Per the new requirements of FAR §61.156, the ATP-CTP course offered through Aerostar Training services will be your first step towards your new career. Includes 32 hours of ground school study and 10 hours of flight simulator training in A320 or B737 types.ATP Practical – Take your ATP practical through Arizona Flight Training Center. Arizona has some of the best weather for flying in the country. Luke AFB is across the street and we have over 20 years of experience working with the military.Resume Creation – After all of your certifications are out of the way, we at CPN are ready to help you get the attention of the airlines. With a military background and years of industry knowledge we know the ins and outs to custom tailor the best resume for the job.Interview Prep – Once you’ve got their attention, you’ll need to bring it home at the interview. Get detailed information about the questions you may be asked, what to wear, what to bring and anything else you might need to know, then practice with us and get the feedback you need to land the job!Mentoring – Don’t ever feel lost! We will answer your questions throughout the process and help you make sure you don’t miss any steps along the way and streamline your transition to get you in the cockpit as soon as possible.

$9395* + FFA Examiner Fee

*A processing fee of 3% added to credit card transactions.

Ready to takeoff? Would you like more information? Send us an email at info@careerpilotnetwork.com today!