Background Information

Remember to be well informed about United as a company. You can find out what they’ve been up to lately, along with their corporate information here. Wikipedia is also be a good source to learn about their history.

Online Application

Qualifications can be found here.
Apply here.

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Video Interview

United uses a prerecorded video interview to prescreen promising online applications. A link to the process will be sent via email. Be sure to dress professionally and record it in a quiet, clean setting.

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Questions used in the past

Why do you want to work at United Airlines and what do you know about its history and culture?
Tell me some of the negatives and positives about working for United Airlines?
Tell me about the last time you had to start as a new hire pilot and how you learn about it’s culture, operations, and how they deal with passengers.

Personality Test

United uses the Hogan Personality Inventory. Close to 400 questions total. This will be taken before you fly out to Denver. It is not timed, and you can login and logout as needed until it is finished.

Pilot Interviews

Expect a 45 minute interview with a United captain and an HR representative.

Bring your A-game, get feedback from our airline professionals and make sure you leave them with a great impression!

Questions used in the past:

Tell me how you got into aviation.
Why have you chosen United Airlines?
Tell me about a time a co worker disagreed with a decision you made regarding customer service.
Tell me about a time you failed to reach a goal and considered giving up.

Flight Simulator Evaluation

You will be provided with an approach plate, diagram and scratch paper. For example:
-Depart LAX
-T.O. Rwy 25L to 3,000′, vectors, climbs etc
-One 360 steep turn @5000′, climb to 10,000′
-Accelerate to 270KIAS, vectors
-Descend to 3000′ for vectors to ILS 25R
-Missed Approach to 2000′
-Autopilot on: LAX closed due to a security breech. Poor WX, low fuel, make a decision