Background Information

Remember to be well informed about Southwest as a company. You can find out what they’ve been up to lately, along with their corporate information here. Wikipedia is also be a good source to learn about their history.

Online Application

Apply here.

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Pilot Interviews

Expect a three part interview.

Bring your A-game, get feedback from our airline professionals and make sure you leave them with a great impression!

Part 1: Panel interview with an FO and HR representative

Walk us through your resume
Any incidents, accidents or violations?
Any failed check rides?
Tell me about a time you had a conflict with a supervisor. How did you handle it, how was it resolved?

Part 2: Logbook Review with an FO

Be sure to know the logbook and be able to explain discrepancies with PIC, IP, Turbine times.
Know how many hours you’ve flown in last 12/24 months
Can we contact your current employer? If not, who?
Tell me something you know about Southwest Airlines.

Part 3: Line-oriented Interview with 2 captains

You are captain, one will act as FO, one will act as check airman
7 minute timed exercise in a mock cockpit with timer and fuel info. You will be given a brief on the situation then you will come up with a solution. The right answer isn’t what they’re looking for so much as seeing your problem solving and CRM skills. Remember to delegate and ask for input and be conservative. After you will have a debrief where you review your actions and thought process.