Background Information

Remember to be well informed about Delta as a company. You can find out what they’ve been up to lately, along with their corporate information here. Wikipedia is also be a good source to learn about their history.

Online Application

Qualifications can be found here.
Apply here.

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Cognitive Testing

Tests fall into three categories: memory, multitasking and math. Tests are timed. Luminosity is often recommended to help practice for these tests.

Tests used in the past

See a number, repeat the digits backwards
You’re given a stick figure with a flag, determine which hand holds the flag
Symbol to number matching
Keep a moving object stationary while noticing number sequences
Math word problems

Personality Test and Psych Screening

They use a MMPI personality test of nearly 600 questions. All questions are agree/disagree. Answer honestly, if you are “too perfect” they may ask you to retake it.

During the psych screening you will be asked basic questions about your life. Just be honest and consistent. Example questions: What was the most challenging time in your life? What are you most proud of?

Pilot Interviews

Expect a 45 minute interview with two Delta captains and an HR representative. Have your copies of your paperwork, they will reference it

Bring your A-game, get feedback from our airline professionals and make sure you leave them with a great impression!

Questions used in the past:

Who was your inspiration to start flying?
How would you, as a Delta pilot, represent the company when you are off duty?
You are the Captain, what would you do if you had a drunk passenger on board?
How would you handle a confrontational captain?