Background Information

Remember to be well informed about American Airlines as a company. You can find out what they’ve been up to lately along with their corporate information, here. Wikipedia can also be a great source for learning about their history.

Online Application

The online application can be started here. Keep in mind that American Airlines allows you to update this as your qualifications change!

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Video Interview

AA uses a prerecorded video interview to prescreen promising online applications. A link to the process will be sent via email. Be sure to dress professionally and record it in a quiet, clean setting.
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Questions used in the past:

Why do you want to work at American Airlines Group and what do you know about its history and culture?
Tell me some of the negatives and positives about working for American Airlines Group?
Tell me about the last time you had to start as a new hire pilot and how you learn about it’s culture, operations, and how they deal with passengers.

Credential Check

If your video interview went well, you can expect to recieve an email from AA requesting personal information so they can verify your credentials, criminal record etc. If you pass this you will be asked to fly out to Fort Worth to conduct cognitive testing and face-to-face interviews.

Cognitive Testing

Series of games to test reaction speed, focus, multitasking etc. ~3 hours.

Tests used in the past

Dot patterns: 3×3 grid that lights up in a pattern. Solve the pattern and predict which grid point lights next
Mental arithmetic: Add, subtract, multiply, divide
Dots and Squares: Watch dots fall, hit button when a square appears
Color, Sound, Rudder: Various stimuli tests multitasking and focus, increases in difficulty to failure multiple times
Flying Pie: Follow a target on a screen with joysticks
Cube matching: Match 3d cube designs to each other
Map test: Flash points of interest for small time on a map, then find them again after they disappear

Pilot Interview

Expect a 45 minute interview with American Airline pilots.

Bring your A-game, get feedback from our airline professionals and make sure you leave them with a great impression!

Questions used in the past:

What do you do in your free time?
What do you find are the best qualities in an airline pilot?
What do your friends and family think of your applying to American?
Tell me about a time you had a conflict with another crew member.

HR Interview

Short 15 minute interview to wrap up and clear up any credential questions. Be ready for questions like:

Tell me about a time you made an unpopular decision.
Do you find authoritative commands are better than coercion to get a task accomplished?
Tell me about a time you dealt with an unhappy customer.