Living in an Increasingly Complex World

As professional pilots, we need to understand the Federal Aviation Regulations.  These are the rules that we are held accountable to and that our companies expect us to know.  In this area, we will not necessarily go over every regulation that’s out there.  We are going to focus our time and energy on those rules that we get questions about or that are commonly misunderstood.  For the larger groups (e.g. FAR 117) we will even include the text of the regulations and interpretations.  You can find the entire text of the Federal Aviation Regulations (FARs) here.

What Qualifies Us to Have This Discussion?

As a group we have had various roles at major airlines, including implementing FAA regulatory changes, researching and defending FAA regulatory interpretations, understanding how to implement regulatory changes and working with the FAA on understanding and enforcing FAA regulations.  FAR 117 was one of those programs and is part of a regulatory system that is becoming more and more complex. It can be difficult to stay up to date.

We have done everything possible to keep everything in here as accurate as possible.  If you have questions or other perspectives, please let us know.  Our goal here is to educate and to have a place for pilots to share.


Here’s what you can find here.  Come back often, we keep all of this updated.