Airlines Starting to Create Unusual Partnerships for Pilots

Compass Airlines, subsidiary of Trans States Holdings, is partnering with ATP flight schools to provide tuition reimbursement for those who work for Compass on reaching the minimums required (typically 1,500 hours).  Compass is looking to hire 40 pilots per month a number which is challenged by an on-going pilot shortage.  This is the latest in […]

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Have a Practice Interview First!

Today’s guest post is from Aaron Groth, Account Manager at Harqen.  Harqen provides video interview software and services to a number of airlines and other companies. Don’t Leave Your Career to Chance I don’t think I’ve ever talked to someone after they’ve interviewed for a job in which their response to, “How did it go?” […]

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Adjusting Airline Schedules After Award

Manipulating Your Schedule After Award

Here we are, approaching the end of our journey on how airline pilot schedules work.  For the final installation on getting your schedule before the month starts, we need to talk about what happens once your schedule is awarded.  As with everything else we’ve talked about: pairings, bidding and reserves, the specifics will vary with each airline. Some will have systems like I describe here, others will have more or less flexibility.  This is a general overview.  I encourage you to leave some examples of how it works at airlines you’ve been at in the comments.

Once you’ve gotten your schedules for the next month, that often isn’t the last chance you have to adjust your schedule.  Often, all the available flying isn’t covered because of things like training, bidding preferences, vacation, etc.  You get the idea.  Many airlines will take this left over flying and create lines of flying, sometimes mixed with reserve days which can then go to junior pilots.


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