About Career Pilot Network

The Career Pilot Network was created by professional pilots to reignite enthusiasm amongst current and aspiring professional aviators. We will provide a platform for professional pilots, and those aspiring to be professional pilots, to share information about the profession; the lifestyle, career tools, and opportunities for advancement in the profession. The Career Pilot Network will provide its members a medium to enjoy and share relevant information & resources while maintaining a high standard of decorum.

We created the Career Pilot Network to serve a community of pilots. The five pilots who collaborated on the inception of this community are a diverse group united by a belief that a flying career gives autonomy, mastery, and purpose to a pilot’s life. Building on this core, you can have a career that enables you to travel, meet interesting people, and see the natural world from a vantage point that few can share. We understand that this site will never match the experience of getting a coffee at your local airport with a pilot, yet hope to capture some of the community that is being lost as General Aviation shrinks and so do the opportunities for young people to find aviation information and opportunities.

For more information about the pilots involved you can check us out here. We also include bios for the author at the bottom of each of our posts.